A Fighter for our Families

Gary Byler, 35 years of fighting for our conservative values

Gary and Reagan

My faith is in people, not government, neighbors not bureaucrats. I believe that compassion and charity begin at home, and that freedom and individual liberty must advance at the expense of ever-encroaching government. My political hero and old boss, Ronald Reagan, proved that solving problems, strengthening our nation and improving our local community does not begin with government, it begins with people.

Creating Jobs – Government doesn’t create jobs, private enterprise does. As your Delegate, allowing businesses to create and attract jobs to Virginia will be at the top of my priority list. I will review each piece of legislation and ask, “does this help job creation, or deter job creation?” I consult with Virginia’s businesses and job creators and listen to their ideas on how state government can make the Commonwealth more job-friendly. I oppose government ‘stimulus’ and make-work projects that only drive us deeper into debt and kill real job creation. I strongly support Virginia’s Right-to-Work laws and will vote to embed them in our state Constitution.

Healthcare – Sadly Virginians are already witnessing the devastating effects that ObamaCare is having on families and the medical profession. Costs are going up, people are losing their insurance, and health practitioners are leaving the field. On a state level, I am strongly committed to all efforts to repeal or overturn government takeover of healthcare. As Delegate I will employ common sense solutions to promote market-based reforms and patient options that restrain costs, and protect the doctor-patient relationship. This is especially needed for Virginia’s senior citizens.

Taxes – Virginians are taxed enough. As Delegate I will oppose tax increases. Families and businesses have to tighten their belts during difficult times, and government must do the same. Supreme Court Justice John Marshall got it right – the power to tax is the power to destroy. I believe government has done enough damage already with their unquenchable thirst for the peoples’ money.

Supporting our Military – I grew-up with a deep sense of appreciation and admiration to those who wear the uniform of our nation. Our area has one of the strongest concentrations of military in the nation, and has grown to become the backbone of our national defense. As Delegate, I will fight tirelessly to protect military infrastructure and ensure that America’s heroes receive the benefits they have earned.

2nd Amendment – Our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms is not necessary just for hunters, but a fundamental right to self-defense and liberty as important as any in the Bill of Rights. As Delegate, I will oppose legislation aimed at limiting the right of law abiding citizens to purchase and own firearms.

Right to life – All rights that we enjoy as Americans and Virginians flow from the very first right – the Right to Life. I will oppose all taxpayer funding for abortion.

Transportation – One of the core functions of the state government is to build and maintain an efficient road network. Virginia has failed in that mission. We pay for it every year as our time and gasoline are wasted sitting in traffic. Raising taxes is not the answer, we have seen in the past that revenues raised for the purported purpose of fixing transportation were spent elsewhere. As Delegate, I will insist dedicated funding for transportation projects are not diverted. This will not only enhance transportation, but limit the growth of government in other areas.

Public Safety – Violence from gangs and the drug trade are becoming an ever increasing problem across the country and here in Hampton Roads. We see stories in the news almost every night of violence in our back yard, which is why I support giving law enforcement the tools necessary to keep our neighborhoods safe, and support the tough penalties for those who prey on our families and children.

Education – My life is a testament to the power of a great education. Unfortunately too many of today’s youth have the door to their future slammed shut due to lack of options and ill-equipped learning environments. I believe in educational options so parents can choose the path that best suits the talents and aspirations of their children. Virginia must excel in offering IT training, and offer technical and skilled labor instruction for students who don’t play to attend college. It is up to all of us to ensure that our children can meet the demands of an ever-competetive work environment, and that starts with education.